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Setup Tutorials


  • Blockstream store (mainnet): Bitcoin paraphernalia that can only be purchased over LN.
  • Lightning Charge: A drop-in solution for accepting lightning payments
  • WooCommerce Plugin: Original c-lightning version of the Gateway plugin to accept Lightning payments at WooCommerce stores, based on Lightning Charge.
  • Nanopos — A simple point-of-sale system for fixed-price goods
  • FileBazaar — A system for selling files such as documents, images, and videos
  • Lightning Publisher for WordPress — A patronage model for unlocking WordPress blog entries
  • Paypercall — A programmer’s toolkit for Lightning that enables micropayments for individual API calls
  • Ifpaytt — An extension of paypercall that allows web developers using IFTTT to request payments for service usage
  • Lightning Jukebox — A fun demo that reimagines a classic technology for the Lightning Network
  • Nanotip — The simple tip jar, rebuilt to issue Lightning Network invoices
  • Shop with Bitcoin Lightning, built on BTCPay and the c-lightning WooCommerce Plugin
  • Elaine Ou’s Twitter bot: Pay for likes, retweets, and follows